We Are Hiring – Miss Doctor

We Are Hiring!

Miss Doctor is a new exclusive dating app that connects single female doctors and other high achieving women with eligible men. It was created to better serve this niche population of women, as well as men looking for serious dating/relationship with smart, ambitious, highly educated and successful women.

Coming soon… Winter 2020/2021!

We are a fast-growing dating app based in Washington DC, currently pre-registering and expanding our user base across the country. This is a very exciting time to join our team!

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We are seeking skilled, hard-working and highly motivated individuals with a passion for Miss Doctor App, strong commitment to its mission and success. Many of our positions can be worked remotely.

Ready for an exciting challenge? We look forward to hearing from you!


 Part-time Positions (on-site or remote)

As a brand ambassador, you will be a representative of Miss Doctor App in your state. We are seeking individuals with a passion for Miss Doctor App, strong commitment to its mission and success.

Basic Qualifications:

  • – Doctor preferred (any type, professional or doctorate degree, female & male).
  • – Time availability.
  • – Online & social media presence; blog, articles/newsletter, podcast also desirable.
  • – Good understanding of our vision and all aspects of the product.
  • – Good leadership and interpersonal skills, public speaking and writing skills.
  • – Ability to communicate effectively and work well with others to accomplish goals.
  • – High sense of professionalism, responsibility and organization.
  • – Attention to detail.
  • – Strategic planning.
  • – Commitment to excellence and quality assurance.
  • – Timeliness.

Preferred Qualifications

  • – Additional degree or experience in Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Product Development or Management, Technology, Finance.
  • – Likeable personality, ability to network and make connections.
  • – Experience with online dating sites and apps.
  • – Creativity.


  • Product Expert:
    – Be able to represent Miss Doctor App positively, provide accurate information, answer questions intelligently, advocate for it, challenge and try to clarify misconceptions.
  • Product Marketing:
    – Seek and identify opportunities and avenues to raise awareness of Miss Doctor App in order to increase our user base and sales/revenue.
  • – Disseminate marketing materials to graduate & professional schools, professional associations & groups, the general public, social media, media/press, contact and/or write articles for magazines and news media, press releases, possible radio and TV interview.
  • Community Engagement:
    – Attend relevant events and conferences in your area to promote Miss Doctor App to target customers, help coordinate planning of launch and other social events.
  • Product Innovation:
    – Provide valuable input on design elements and new features for app upgrade.
  • – Gather feedback based on interaction with potential or existing customers and competitors; contribute new and creative ideas for improving Miss Doctor App, strategies to increase signup, possible solutions to existing problems and ways to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Requirement:
    – Executive Board: Attend periodic executive board meetings (could be remotely) and participate in necessary conference calls.
  • – Manage admin team for your region, oversee vetting and approval process for users in your area.
  • – Ensure adherence to standards and community rules.
  • – Ensure timely completion of tasks and goals are met.
  • – Respond to complaints, reported or blocked users.
  • – Develop content/messages and strategy to engage users.
  • – Monitor and track user acquisition and growth.
  • – Other relevant duties to maintain the quality of our community and ensure customer satisfaction.
– For different regions

– For different cities
– Washington DC, New York NY, Houston TX, Los Angeles CA, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Atlanta GA, Durham NC, Miami FL, New Orleans LA, Seattle WA, Denver CO.


Summer & Year-Round Internships (On-site or Remote)


As an early stage startup company, we are currently unable to pay salary or provide significant monetary compensation for your time and effort.

  • – Equity-based for part-time positions
  • – Volunteer, unpaid internships
  • – Free complimentary use of Miss Doctor App by single staff and other perks.

* In the future, these positions could be paid and with option for full-time.

Interested? please email jobs@missdoctor.com for more information. Submit a cover letter and resume.

If you know someone who could be a great candidate for a position, please pass information along and refer them to us. Thank You!