Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Miss Doctor?

Miss Doctor is currently for use by female doctors and eligible men in the continental United States including District of Columbia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and Alaska. In the future, we may consider opening the app for use by men in some other parts of the world. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

Why does it require login with Facebook and LinkedIn?

Login with Facebook is desired to obtain useful information such as users’ interests for our matching algorithm and establish mutual friends you may have with a prospect.

Login with LinkedIn helps to verify your identity, education and professional information. This is important for the safety of our users and to ensure we provide a good dating experience with real verified profiles of quality ambitious and educated individuals.

If you do not have Facebook and/or LinkedIn account, you can still join using your email address to sign up, however additional requirement may apply as follows:

Gentlemen, if you don’t have a LinkedIn account and use the email signup option, you may be asked to provide proof of highest education (minimum Bachelor’s degree) OR proof of profession & income (if no Bachelor’s degree), in order to be approved for membership. Phone images are acceptable. All men are required to upload picture of photo ID (e.g. picture of Drivers License) as proof of identity.

Ladies are required to upload work or school picture ID badge as proof of being a doctor, doctor-in-training or student doctor. Therefore ladies without a LinkedIn account will be approved with no further requirement.

What documents are acceptable to upload for proof?


– Work ID badge for practicing doctors and residents

– School ID badge for student doctors

– Picture of your degree certificate with photo ID (e.g. Drivers License)

– Other proof of professional or doctoral student status for student doctors (e.g. school enrollment or financial aid document) with photo ID (e.g. Drivers License).

Is Miss Doctor free to use?

Miss Doctor is free to use initially for some time. Users receive 30 ‘Likes’ and 5 ‘Sparks’ free at the first login. Likes and Sparks are our in-app currency. These are used to indicate interest in a prospect or show strong interest in someone you really like (Spark). You can purchase additional Likes or Sparks when you need more or have run out. You can earn more free Likes or Sparks by referring others to use the app. When they sign up, it will be added to your account and reflected on your balance.

There are two payment options. Click on settings -> In-App Purchase.

1) You can pay as you go, buying individual Like or Spark only when you see a prospect you like or really like and have run out of your free Likes and Sparks.

1 Like – $1 ; 1 Spark – $2

2) You can purchase a package of Likes or Sparks, it costs less since you receive a discount. The balance remains on your account to be used at anytime, no expiration.

20 Likes – $10 ; 50 Likes – $20

10 Sparks – $10 ; 30 Sparks – $20

Your payment helps to support and enable us to provide this dating service. It also limits users who are not serious about dating, users who ‘like’ everyone with no intention of communicating with all their possible matches.

We hope that paying for ‘likes’ increases the chance of having more serious-minded users who will be more selective, thoughtful and really consider their interest in prospects before ‘liking’ and possibly matching with them. This helps to maintain a good dating experience.

Furthermore, we want our users to be satisfied.. by only buying ‘likes’ or ‘sparks’ when you see someone you’re interested in or buying a package as needed, you only pay for what you need, rather than paying a set monthly or yearly fee for a dating app/site regardless of your experience and number of prospects/matches. We will continue to find new members and provide more prospects that will capture your interest, thus increasing the chance of meeting that special someone and finding love.

How long does it take to be verified and approved for membership?

After signing up, users are placed on a wait list. We will be reviewing profiles, verifying information and approving membership on a rolling basis. Assuming all requirements are met, our admin team will be working hard to approve membership as soon as possible within on average 2-3 days but it could take up to 2 weeks.

However, we would appreciate your patience in the event of further delay which may be due to living in a high density area with a lot of user applications, difficulty with verification, and other factors.

Tips to increase approval include:

– Clear easily identifiable photos with your face visible.

– Facebook and especially LinkedIn signup, with education and professional information visible.

– Prompt response to request for further documentation.

– Providing the required documents for verification.

– Use of referral code (if applicable).

I get few or no prospects in my area

As a new dating app, we are working on growing our user base. We would appreciate your patience in this regard, encourage you to help us spread the word and continue to check the app regularly to discover new members/prospects. We will initially launch in phases, in select cities across the United States when we have enough users in that area. Also, please be mindful that your preference setting could be too restricting in some instances, reducing your number of prospects and potential matches.

Who can see my profile?

Your profile can only be seen by those who fit your criteria/preferences.

Safety & Security

We take the safety of our users, especially female doctor users very seriously and have adopted security measures including:

– LinkedIn review and photo ID required to verify identity.

– Effort to perform sex offender registry check on male users (unlike most other dating sites and apps which don’t do any background checks).

– Limiting view of users’ profile to those who fit their criteria/preferences.

– Only showing first name of female users’ on their profile. This feature as well as being a paid app/fee for use of the app helps to deter random lurkers seeking to browse and view users’ profiles.

– Option to change displayed name later (real full name required for profile approval).

– Unmatch, report and block user feature.

– Storage of user profile information on secure server with encryption.

However, please note that despite these safety measures and our best efforts, we cannot make any guarantees in regards to safety and security, integrity and authenticity of a user or their profile information. We rely on users to be honest, provide accurate information such as their real full name, photo ID, education and professional information. There are also limitations with background check databases which are not always complete and accurate. Please see our Terms of Service for more details.

We encourage you to always exercise caution, as you would meeting people in real life, not have a false sense of security while using the app and please review online dating safety tips.

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