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About Us

Miss Doctor was created in 2017, in collaboration with an advisory team of female physicians. We understand the unique dating challenges of high-achieving women such as doctors and doctors-in-training through personal experiences and experiences of friends and loved ones.

In my Psychiatry practice, I treat and counsel many highly educated and successful women with personal life concerns, dating and relationship issues. This in part fueled my desire to help more single female doctors find love and achieve their personal life goals.

Since our initial launch in August 2017, we have been working hard to improve the app. We are very excited to cater to your dating needs with this new dating app Miss Doctor. We look forward to welcoming each of you and the men who love you!

Cheers to happier and more fulfilling personal lives!

Ifie Williams, M.D., aka Dr. Ifie
Founder & CEO 

Made with Love

Your Satisfaction Is Our Pleasure. We hope you enjoy!
Please share any feedback or suggestions on how to improve
the dating app service for you.

To help increase the number of highly educated, successful women who fulfill their personal life goals including serious long-term relationships, marriage and family.

To improve the dating experience for single female doctors and other high-achieving women.
To help them find love with single, educated, eligible gentlemen that meet their standards and preferences